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Game of Thrones S04E02

I feel empowered the fact that I can look the way that I do on stage and in photos - I can look that way any time I want. And I feel like it’s important message to other women that they can do it, too.

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Sebastian Stan photographed by Santiago Sierra 

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James McAvoy looking gorgeous in InStyle May 2014 promoting his multi-award winning performance in ‘Filth’ being released in the US on VOD on 4/24 and in select theaters starting 5/30

photos by Matthew Brookes

Look for it in stores soon.

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I was that ambitious when I was very young as well. Gwen is clear on what she wants to do with her life – in terms of her job and her sense of purpose. I think and hope that I am in the same ballpark there. Science-wise, though, she is much better than me.

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